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IDP Vulnerability Assessment and Profiling (IVAP)
IVAP – Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Vulnerability Assessment & Profiling – provides some of the most up-to-date data on off camp conflict-IDPs in north-west Pakistan. The project was initiated in 2010 to fill an information gap regarding the situation of this conflict-displaced population. Specifically, IVAP implements a multi-cluster assessment to gather information on the location and needs of IDPs, their breakdown by gender and age, their needs for WASH, shelter, food, health and other kinds of support. The data is widely used by the humanitarian community in Pakistan to enable an informed response based on the established location and needs of these families, thus ensuring assistance is appropriately targeted.

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  News and Events

  • IVAP-V  
    IVAP-V took its start on profiling of all the conflict TDPs currently residing in KP. Priority is profiling of TDP’s in District Bannu, Tank, D.I.Khan and Peshawar valley for the remaining caseload and new influx from North Waziristan. Teams are currently deployed in District Peshawar, Tank and D. I. Khan..

  • Alliance 2015 
    ACTED with its partners CESVI and Concern Worldwide as Alliance 2015 is in collaboration with IVAP in relation to mutual support in 2014 IDPs programming. The Alliance has agreed to collaborate on IVAP V, which plans to conduct profiling of IDP families in KP. IVAP has shared a caseload of around 23,000 IDP families with the Alliance partners.

  • MoU with Child Protection Welfare Commission (CPWC), Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 
    MoU between IVAP and CPWC KP has been signed and IVAP is now in a position to share the child protection cases for information dissemination and targeted assistance for referral to humanitarian organizations by CPWC.

  • Staff Secondment from Partners  
    IVAP seconds staff from other organizations or partner organizations for the field activities, to augment the field activities as well as sense of ownership to IVAP data. In IVAP-V, staff members from ACTED, Concern World Wide and CESVI are currently deployed in field in District Peshawar, while staff members from PDMA and WFP will soon join the activities.

  • Implementing Partners  
    For intervention in District D.I. Khan and Tank, PAIMAN has taken the lead to fully support the IVAP field activities in IVAP-V. In Bannu, BEST is going to initiate the activities for profiling colossal caseload of NW TDPs currently in residence.

  • Call centre Updates 
    Core IVAP data update (2010 – 2012) has been completed by verifying around 21708 families residing in displacement. Currently core updates of District Tank and D. I. Khan are in progress. Missing CNICs of dislocated persons in IVAP-IV were recovered and uploaded accordingly.

  • Assessments 
    IVAP technically assisted the Protection cluster in Return Intension Analysis, Detailed Protection Assessment, Detailed Shelter Assessment in the form of designing data collection tools in ODK software, loaning of devices and data analysis. Furthermore, IVAP also supported the cluster with human and logistic support as well. IVAP also provided technical support in MIRA in District Bannu.

  • IVAP-5 Live Tool 
    The data tool for IVAP-V has been made public and is visible to every humanitarian organization for easy access as well as data extraction for designing program activities and compliance with implementation.

  • Upcoming Events: 
    1. CPRA (Child Protection Rapid Assessment)
    2. District Charsadda Field Activity
    3. Revision of IVAP-V questionnaire
    4. Vulnerability Criteria assessment along with IVAP-V
    5. Website redesigning

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